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EVITA GROUP was created in 2009, at the same time Equatorial Guinea was experiencing its construction boom, offering the service of collection, treatment and export of toxic waste, both by land and sea, to the neighbouring Republic of Cameroon.

In 2010, the Transport and Logistics division was created, and a large fleet of platform trucks for the transport of goods by road was acquired. Between 2010 and 2013, more than 3,000 containers were transported from the port of Bata to the interior of Equatorial Guinea.


In 2013, during the last Board of Directors held in Bata, it was decided, among other issues, to invest 70% of the profits in the expansion and growth plan of the company, 20% in the distribution of dividends and the remaining 10% to reserve funds.

The expansion plan consisted in the acquisition of a concrete plant, equipment for the exploitation of a stone quarry, asphalt equipment, trucks, dump trucks, concrete mixers, concrete prefabricated machinery and earthmoving machinery.

Made in Equatorial Guinea with European guarantee

At present and with Equatorial Guinea going through an industrial development stage, aspects such as its good relations with other African countries, a solid road network connecting Bata with Cameroon and Gabon, its latest technology port structure and tax benefits for private investments offered by the Government of His Excellency Teodoro OBIANG NGUEMA MBASOGO, have made possible the establishment of an Adhesive Cement fabric in Bata which aims to supply national, subregional ( CEMAC area) and International markets as well as West Africa and the CE CPLP area.

Bata ( Republic of Equatorial Guinea )

EVITA GROUP has hired the best European companies for the installation of the factory, to supervise the quality control of the production processes and, in addition, they have a technology transfer agreement for a limited period.


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Our Factory

EVITA GROUP is a company in full expansion, with proven experience in the sector, with a highly qualified staff that is committed to the industrial development of Equatorial Guinea and offers high quality product. We are a national reference for efficient management of resources, quality of service and customer service. Our cement factory has cutting- edge technology and has a production capacity of 15 tn / h.

Factory located in Bata

Last Generation Technology

Quality Controls in Production Processes according to European standards

We have a mixer decompression system, a SB1H900T model mixer, silos, BESV-8 valve filling scale, automatic bag setters and bag conveyor belt. The robotic palletising set consists of: a collection path, a base plus a Kuka KR-120 robot with bag claws, 2 palletising stations, fencing and security barriers and a mosaic programming unit.


Equatorial Guinea

Located in...

the equatorial zone of Africa

Territory ...

Continental 26.017 km² and island 2.034 km²

Limits ...

North with Cameroon, East and South with Gabon and West with the Atlantic Ocean

Islands ...

Annobon, Corisco, Elobey Grande, Elobey Chico y the island of Bioko, where the capital of the country, Malabo, is located

Where are we?

The continental region of Equatorial Guinea includes a flat coastal strip, which increases its geographical features the more you move into the inside of the country were you will find a series of mountain ranges called “of the Seven Mountains”. The land is gently undulating and covered by jungle vegetation. About 60% of the area belongs to the Mbini river basin. The continental area limits to the north with Cameroon.

On the South, the country limits with Gabon. The most important island is Bioko (2,017 km²) and is located north of the mainland, 40 kilometres off the coast of Cameroon in the Bay of Bonny (Biafra), a section of the Gulf of Guinea. The island, of volcanic origin, is mountainous and very wooded, with a steep and rocky coast (195 km) and has two excellent ports in Malabo and Luba. Its maximum height is the Pico Basilé (3,007 meters).